Rock On is formulated to optimize sexual vitality and sexual performance and is a multi award-winning sexual enhancement brand. The pills, drinks, and daily supplements contain a proprietary blend of herbs. This proprietary blend includes essential vitamins, electrolytes and energy boosters. Rock On reinvents the sexual enhancement category with improved unique formulas and the focus is overall health and wellness. Rock On goes beyond the benefits of typical sexual enhancement by nourishing the body, mind and spirit as well. The new men and women’s Sexual Vitality formulas now contain the most comprehensive collection of sexual enhancement herbs. The formulas are now with more potent extracts as well as electrolytes and essential vitamins. Even including energy-boosting ingredients designed to help you Rock On everyday!

Rock On is reinventing the sexual enhancement category by selling sexual enhancement with integrity! Sexual supplementation has acquired a tarred reputation with spiked products, FDA blacklists and ineffective products. Rock On offers a positive alternative.

Active ingredients in Rock On include maca, ginseng and L-Arginine HCL, among a wealth of others. The benefits of these ingredients include heightened libido. They also work to increase sexual hormones as well as boosting mood and energy levels. Available for both men and women with two distinctive formulas.

The entire range of sexual vitality boosting products includes formulas for him and her. Including products for daily use. Single dose enhancers. And drink shots for on-the-spot boosts. Rock On Daily is a once a day formula that nourishes sexual vitality. Libido and desire, as well as provides essential vitamins and electrolytes. Rock On Daily improves energy, performance and stamina every day.

For on-the-spot enhancement, Rock On single dose capsules are available for him & her. Single doses feature a concentrated all-natural formula that boosts sexual desire, mood, arousal and vitality. The effects of both Rock On Daily and single dose pills can be amplified with Rock On shots. Shots are a vitamin-packed energy boosting sexy elixir that are perfect for situation-specific performance enhancement. Sexy is in you, nourish it!

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